31' Wire Vertical for Home and Field

I wanted an easy to set up 40-10M vertical antenna to take horse camping and to have a small footprint to make it less susceptible to horses and people walking into it.   When I saw EARC's END FED 6–40 Meter Multi-band HF Antenna and then the 40M – 6M End Fed Antenna article by Ham Com 2013 WB5CXC & W5WF I thought this might be the one to try.

  I already had a 33' MJF-1910 telescoping pole and the 9:1 UnUn I had made a few years ago so I gave it a go, and used the tripod and wire I had in storage.   It's very nice to have everything in my "junk box".   The antenna did well, so well that I have since made a more permanent version of this end fed vertical, and put the Titan vertical in storage.   Later I added a few radials however and that has eliminated the RF I was getting in the shack from the 30' RG-8X coax.   I suppose this makes the end fed really a vertical over a GP.   The camp version is quickly set up and taken down and both versions and the UnUn easily handles 100W.

Camping version with 1/8" nylon rope guys guyed to tent pegs.

Portable Camp Vertical

The initial 9:1 UnUn I used with this antenna.   For camping I'll have it in a plastic box or bag.

9 to 1 Balun Interior sm


This is the weather sealed UnUn version used on the more permanent installation at home.   I used T130-2 toroids and 20 ga. insulated hookup wire... or if you like, I see 9:1 UnUn using a T80--2 toroid selling on eBay for $10 delivered... and another, also on eBay, using a T106-2 toroid for $11 delivered.   They are easily made however.   I bought mine from KitsAndParts.com... they were $5 for three of them,

9 to 1 UnUn nr-2 Ext.jpg

 The 4" x 4" post mounted version:   In both versions of this antenna the antenna wire is gently spiraled around the pole so that the wind does not work on it as much as when loose.

1 Antennas

And a close up of it's mounting post.   I used conduit clamps to secure the pole to the post and cable ties for the UnUn.

1 Antenna Mounting

This was an easy project with benefits.   The MFJ-1910 is about $60 now and the UnUn can be made for just a few dollars.   About $65 for the antenna is a bit of all right.

UPDATE: I have since routed the antenna wire through the telescoping pole instead of spiraling around it for less wear on the wire.