80M Doublet Antenna

A 52 mph wind gust tore my window-line feed line off of my old 80 M doublet finally forcing me to build the open wire ladder line I have been wanting for quite some time now.   After looking at the available choices for open wire ladder line and my savings resources... considering we needed the house resided... and checking my "junk box" I decided to build my own.   I used 12 ga black insulated wire and 1/2" black PVC waterline tubing I had left over from working on our water well 10 years ago.

Update: October 2017 - This antenna does well on 80-10M and I have found it also loads on 160M netting me digital mode contacts across the USA.   The antenna consists of the 135' wire fed with 112' of my HB ladderline via a 1:1 courent balun and a short 6' length of coax to my antenna switch.   This antenna is a keeper.


It's lighter than it looks and when the wind blows does not whip around like that old window line did.   While I was at it I replaced the 16 ga antenna with the 12 ga wire.

Abiding in Him




The tubing is cut into 3.5" sections, drilled through the ends 1/4" from the ends using a jig I made and then a small vee cut for the wire to follow in order to snap into the drilled holes.




Raised and ready...










    Uh-Oh... birdies....