GAP Titan

The counterpoise is about 5' above the steel roof.   When the wind is up I hear the antenna vibrate a bit but it's not bad... I buffered the mast from the bracket with a piece of rubber and that helps.

Titan Tilt Over


My HB tilt-over base in cement and mast clamped to wall bracket.   The homebrew ladderline is part of my 80M doublet.

Titan tilt over base


I had to make a spacer for the mast to clear the over hang.   Also shown here is the anchor point for the 80M doublet ladderline.  I used a truck tarp strap with S-hooks to allow some give in the line if needed and a length of nylon cord as safety in case the strap fails.

Titan bracket


The guy anchor is an old satellite dish support I found at a yard sale... cheap and sturdy..

Titan guy mount

This antenna has been located here for over a year now.   Prior that it was ground mounted but I needed to get it out of harms way.