Flag USA Ham Radio Clubs:

arrlARRL - American Radio Relay League,  QCWA LogoQCWA - Quarter Century Wireless Association,  sparlogoSPAR - Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio,  fistskeytextFISTS (USA) - The International Morse Preservation Society,  fistskeytextFISTS (GB) - The International Morse Preservation Society,  qrparci 350QRP-ARCI - QRP Amateur Radio International,  NAQCCNAQCC - North American QRP CW Club, skcc logo 1SKCC - Straight Key Century Club - skcc logo 1SKCC Yahoo Group  |


Ham Radio Maps:

EI8IC Ham Maps Internet,  |  Ham Atlas ITU Zones Maps,  |  Daylight Map, |  Internet Ham Atlas by SP6NVK,  |  Amateur Radio Operating Aids Maps and other aids  |


Ham Radio Helps:

W8JI Antennas, Radios, Amplifiers, Baluns, and Receiving Systems for HF -

IARU Ethics and Operating procedures for the Radio Amateur,  |  ARRL Abbreviations, Prosigns, Prowords; HX Texts; QN and Q signals,  |  ARRL Quick Reference Operating Aids, Communications Procedures |  ARRL Band Plan,  |  ARRL Graphical Frequency Allocations Charts,  |  ARRL The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide,  |  Ham Radio India Amateur Radio Station Operating Aids and Software,  |  Morse Code And Radio For Kids (& Adults) |



The aim of the Morse Crusade is to Educate Morse Trainers in the benefits of using methods of teaching Morse that WORKS! It is also Dedicated to Helping Learners to increase their Morse Proficiency which up to date has proved to be very successful.



Telegrapher Keys:

Radio Telegraphy Net,  |  RadioTelegraphy Yahoo Group,  |  NT9K Keys  |


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