Chicken Stick

This Chicken Stick only took a short time to make and can be a life saver... literally.   I use it to discharge high voltage capacitive circuits in my radios and amplifier so that I don't.   It's easy to make using a length of non-conductive material.   I used a 12" piece of electrical PCV pipe, a short length of 10 ga. insulated wire with an alligator clip on one end and the other end of the wire connected to the bolt securing a 4" length of 12 ga. copper wire to one end of the pipe.   I used these materials because they were on hand.   Just clip the alligator clip to ground and, while holding the far end of the stick touch the areas of interest to discharge.   Sometimes it can be quite a spectacular spark.   I hold it way back there at the threaded end of mine.



The business end...

Chicken Stick Stinger