Coax Patch Box

 Coax Patch BoxI made this patch box about 2004.   A simple device that allowed me to ground the unused antenna feedlines and to choose which antenna to use for one of six rigs or tuners.   The radio coax connections are made in the bottom SO-238 panel mount jacks of the box... the antennas plug into the top "Rig" jacks which connected to the desired transceiver.   The photo shows antenna feedlines all plugged into the grounded jacks.   I used PL-259QA push-on adapters from MorseExpress.   Simple but versitile.

  My next mod to this patch box would have been to add bleeder resistors to the "Rig" connectors inside the box to bleed off wind/rain static charges to ground.

  This has since been retired in favor of a new MFJ-4726 Desktop Antenna Transceiver Switch which makes antenna and rig selection very easy to make.