Elecraft K2 and 100W Auto-Tuner With Amplifier


October 2011

k2 twins onThis is my Elecraft K2/100 Split.   For almost as long as I have had the K2/100 I have wanted to remote the KPA100 amplifier into an EC2 enclosure, combined with the KAT100 tuner.   I have the parts on order and will begin that soon for my cold weather project.

The parts arrived and the K2-Twin is completed… fun project and it works fine.

The K2 is loaded with all the options including the Rework Eliminator(TM) Option Bypass Headers Kit.  This is an option that I highly recommend.

This project isn't offered by Elecraft and it's not original to me by any means... I used Remoting the KPA100 into the EC2 Enclosure, to guide me in my project.   As a result of splitting the 100W amp out from the K2 and combining it and the 100W ATU into the separate Elecraft EC2 Project Enclosure I can leave the K2 lid containing it's battery pack and QRP ATU on the K2.   Now I don't have to swap lids to go to the field... just disconnect the cables, grab and go.   I should have done this sooner.

January 2014 - The KPA100-KAT100 has been sold.   It has been very useful but my needs have changed and I needed to move on.

  kpa100 kat100 what u get

kpa kat 100 trans

Here's what I had: the Elecraft KPA100-KAT100 in it's enclosure plus computer cable and cables for high and low DC power, as well as the original manuals and the How-To "Remoting the KPA100 into the EC-2 Enclosure - An Illustrated Example" printed manual that I downloaded through the Internet and used to make the conversion.


Transmitting at 104W with the tuner showing it's 1.0:1 match.

kpa kat 100 back   The back.

kpa kat 100 top

   Three quarter front/top view of the KPA100-KAT100 custom unit.