Yaesu FT-dx1200 IF Tap Panadapter Mod

This is not original to me... I gained info to make the mod from Markus, DG8MG, QRZ page.   "RTL-SDR as a Cheap Panadapter" is also a great resource.   I used a NooElec R820T & DVB-T NESDR Mini dongle.

I used the cable that came with my dongle and ran the cable out through a vent slot in the back panel of the rig... an easy and simple thing.   Pix follow.
1 HDSDR and HRD (free version) running with the FT-dx1200.   Change any one of them and all change.


FTdx1200 IF Tap Panadapter Mod 5 Rig, HDSDR, & HRD are in sync.








I ran the cable down through the opening at the top left corner of the board and out through the vents.




The IF tap point.   Not much space in there... a needle point soldering tip is a must.   "Use some fixative to hold the capacitor firmly to the relay.  Solder one end of a small capacitor (10 - 22 pF) to pin 3 of the relay RL1007 and the other end to the copper core of a thin coaxial cable (50 - 75 ohm impedance). The copper shield of the cable can be soldered to a ground lug and secured with the screw just adjacent to the relay" -- DG8MG.   I think I used a 20 pF cap I had on hand.








A wire tie is used to secure the coax.   The mini-coax is a couple of feet long and I just allow the dongle to dangle... hihi.   From there I have it connected with a USB extension cable.   A "when I get around to it" would possible be to install a panel mount jack and label it.   For now it all works just fine.   Since the I have HDSDR to interface to HRD I always run HRD before HDSDR.