This is a BIG project... remodeling an old screened in porch into a ham shack.   Lots of work involved to get to where it can be repurposed as well.

Remodel Before



Tearing down to build up.

Remodel After



My first attempt at siding and stair building.









Remodel InteriorLots to do... Insulate, relocate and add floor joists, much more.







I'll take more pix after the interior is completed.   I'll put a half wall there by the entrance door to stop those cold winter drafts.   Hmmmm. that door will need a deadbolt.







Moving Day!   The radio equipment is first to get set up, of course.









Project finished and in use.



Note: A future project will be to close off that half wall make an airlock hallway... it gets cold quick when the winter wind blows in when that door opens.