Joule Thief Map - Log Light

Joule Thief1 Pretty  Do you like to moake something practically out of nothing?   Want to get the last erg of power out of your old "used up" batteries?   Enter the Joule Thief light.   After reading about the Joule Thief on World Radio Online magazine, back when it was still a free download, I put together my own version of it.   A siimple, but fun and practical project.


Joule Thief2 PlanIsland drilling plan.


Joule Thief3 Haywire Haywire to check operation...



A couple of detail photos...

 Joule Thief4Joule Thief5  

Joule Thief7 Finished Finished Joule Thief light.   This can be used to see the log book and notes during camping nights.