LDG AT-600Pro AutoTuner to FT-dx1200 adapter cable project

This is a very simple project to utilize a more automatic use of the tuner with the FT-dx1200 transceiver.

My PDF file is available for download here.

I used a shielded stereo audio cable from my "junk box", wired the Linear plug's TX REQ IN (pin 10) to the (1/8") plug's tip and it's sleeve to GND (pin-3)... no connection to the ring... just as Chris, VK2BYI, described in his article (http://www.vk2byi.com.au/at-1000proii-memory-tuning-issue/). I
set the AT-600Pro automatic tuning mode to Auto, my 1200's Menu #179 Tuner Select to External. Do NOT use the FT-dx1200's [TUNE] button, it does not apply in this application.

When tuning is initiated by a medium press of the AT-600Pro's [Tune] button, the 1200 reduces TX power, goes to TX until a match is found and then drops out, returning the 1200 to it's previous power setting... just as it should and I have the AT-600Pro's manual full and manual memory tuning triggering the tuning carrier from the FT-dx1200. It's great to have this additional ease in tuning.

The Linear plug is a 10-pin mini-DIN plug which is available via the Internet. Chris has a nice image of the Linear socket / LDG Radio plug circuit. Use a tiny soldering tip... there's not much room in there. Understand what you are attempting before beginning this project.

My tuner firmware version is 1.3K.

Linear Jack Connection

This image, for Chris' AT-1000ProII, also applies to the AT-600Pro.



Update (2017-10-29):

Additional functionality for the Yaesu FT-dx1200 in addition to my AT2K manual tuner.

The adapter cable works great with the LDG AT-600Pro auto tuner but I wanted to be able to use 10W when doing my initial tuning when using my PalStar AT2K manual tuner so I came up with the idea of using a stereo "Y" cable adapter.   Here are the images... they explain it best.

AD7GR FT dx1200 AT 600Pro Amp

The "Y"-connector:

Stereo YIn order to trigger the FT-dx1200 into reducing power to the 10W I added a switch and set the 1200's Menu #178 EXT AMP TUNING PWR to 10W and Menu #179 TUNER SELECT to EXTERNAL.

Key Switch

For a switch I used the KK1 CW key that I built from an American Morse kit but any momentary SPST switch will do fine.   Using this tiny key is simple and effective and it tucks out of the way without my having to have an additional enclosure to mount a momentary switch in.   It reduces clutter.   The "Y"-connector could be used at either end of the Adapter Cable... it was handier for me to use it at the AT-600 end.   The switch is only used when using the AT2K manual tuner.

So... now when I key the switch on, the FT-dx1200 transmits at 10W while I manually tune with the AT2K tuner.   When I release the key switch the rig stops transmitting and I am ready to transmit at whatever power setting I was using... in my case lately I usually have my power set to 50-75W... 100W, if needed, and much less when possible.