My take on the famous Amplidan straight key

Key2 GR AMP1


  Modeled after the acclaimed Danish Amplidan marine key.   This long lever straight key uses ball race bearings, silver contacts and has the feel and action that is highly sought after.   An excellent handling key for CW operators and a joy for me to build.   I just had to make a QSL card of this key!

 After seeing many fine keys made by others, I know I have a long way to go in my key making but the road is very enjoyable and I would encourage others to have a go. My GR-AMP-1 key is my second hand crafted key and my friend Bill, NT9K, gave me much encouragement.


Here is the build process...


This is a series of photos showing my GR-AMP-1 long lever straight key in the making.   It is not a how-to or plan but I hope you can see that it is a fairly simple project.


 Checking for placement and alignment... Key2 1


Key2 2 This time with more of my parts... 


Everything is ready for assembly... Key2 unassembled


  Finished!  Key2c