Mic Switch


Mic Switch 01 InsideAt one time I had need of a mic switch to allow me to select one of three microphones: The Sure Prologue mic (rescued from the junk drawer of a friend), my Yaesu MH-31 hand mic and a computer electret mic.   In addition I wanted to be able to choose between low, medium and DX audio on the electret.   Here is how that came together.


Mic Switch 02 Back

Mic Switch 03 FrontI used a computer ABC box I found at the local thrift shop for the enclosure and cut out all but the connection banks I wanted.   The stubbed off wires were left for any future needs.

The panel lables are just printed card stock... using my OpenOffice Draw program... with a coat of clear lacquer as a finish.

It even includes a PTT jack...


 Front panel... switches and jacks.