Commercially made and other keys I have acquired over the years.


AGA Chevron Paddle... (2013)   The Rolls-Royce of the paddles.   Wonderfully made and a delight to use with a keyer.

 1 AGA Chevron Key


Begali HST II... (2013) - Flanked by the long lever and sideswiper keys I made within the past few years.   This is my favorite key in sideswiper mode.

 3 HST II c


Navy Flameproof... (1982) "Rescued" from the old Model 19 Teletype machine I used on RTTY.

4 Navy Key


Vibroplex Original... (1978)   The strange looking brass thing on the weight is my homebrew speed control device.

5 Vibroplex Original


Nye Viking Classic Rectangular Speed-X... (1978)

6 Nye Speed X


Bencher BY-2 Dual Paddle... (1984)

Bencher BY 2


Small Homebrew Sideswiper... Maker unknown...  (acquired ~2008)

8 sideswiper unknown


Signal Corp J-37 on J-45 leg clamp... (~1981)

9 SigCorp


J-38... (1977)

10 J 38


Key 155 - Evaluation Project by G3YUH... (acquired ~2011)

11 G3YUH Key155