Current 2016 16 05

Photos taken 2016-16-05 at 21:14Z while waiting for band activity.   Sent CQ intermittently for two hours today... Bands quiet.


This is my primary setup this month: Kenwood TS-590S, my HB long lever straight key, and my top favorite: Begali HST II in sideswiper mode.

Primary Station 2016 16 05


FT-101E Station: FT-101E Transceiver, Landliner Speaker/Phone Patch, YO-100 Monitor Scope, D-104 mic on T-UG9 desk stand, and FL-2100B 600W HF Amplifier.   The Navy Flameproof key was "rescued" from a model 19 Teletype.

FT 101E 1976 Vintage Station 2017 AD7GR


HB 135' Doublet on 50' aluminum self supporting tower.   The ladderline was easily made.   I use a 1:1 current balun to make the transition from the ladderline to a short length of coax which goes through the wall to my Palstar AT2K manual tuner.

80M Doublet


Gap Titan at about 14'... The counterpoise loop is about 4' above the steel roof.   I use an LDG AT-600Pro Autotuner to handle any mismatch for the Titan.

Note: Titan in storage until I relocate it.   Titan replaced on support by hex-beam at this time.

Titan Tilt Over


A Daiwa CN-801HP SWR-Power Meter is between the Yaesu FL-2100B 600W amplifier and tuner... I've only used the amp a few times.